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With a simple tap, you can see, speak, snap, or treat

App-controlled, wifi-connected
Stay connected with your pets everywhere you go.
Check-in from any smart phone or tablet
Easily interact with your pet and set your mind at ease.
Wide-angle camera with night vision
High quality audio and video lets you bring your pet with you.
Everybody loves Petzi
"We have tried EVERYTHING and this is the only thing that has relieved his anxiety/bad behaviors.... Now I can actually leave him home all alone & talk to him while at work or running errands.”

Micki, Amazon Reviewer
“One of my favorite things to do nowadays is go out to a bar with my husband and turn the Petzi cam on, enjoying my dog's company remotely with a margarita in hand. Our dog, Yukon, appreciates the treats this little contraption shoots out.”

Jessica, Amazon Reviewer

“My wife can’t stand being away from our pups so I bought this for her. She could not happier and for that reason neither can I. I can now take her out to dinner without her worrying about the dogs being alone.”

Corey, Amazon Reviewer

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One year warranty
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Buy it, Try it, LOVE it or return it, no questions asked!

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30 day Money Back Guarantee

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