Petzi Features

App-controlled, wifi-connected remote pet treat dispenser and camera

• Easy to check-in and interact with your pet from any smart phone or tablet
• Allows you to See, Speak,Snap, and Treat your pet when you are away from home
• Wide-angle camera with night vision
• High-quality audio
• Universal treat launcher, good for use with any dry, crunchy treat smaller than 1 inch.

Sleek, safe and durable design

● EZ-PZ setup and intuitive interface
● Multiple mounting options to simply place it anywhere that suits your needs
● A dedicated iOS and Android app that controls the device and allows content to be shared socially
● A sophisticated treat dispensing system that allows you to use the widest variety of treats
● With the single push of a button 1-3 dog or cat treats are playfully ejected into the viewing area